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We are excited to announce that our members support page is now up and running! This page is specifically designed to help our members get a head start on their networking journey with GR International.

As a member, you will have access to a variety of tools and resources that will help you build lasting business relationships, strengthen your credibility and increase your online visibility. You'll also enjoy an exclusive seat in our GR International community, where you can network with other members and participate in exclusive events.

On our members support page, you'll find information on how to complete your GR International profile, how to join our Facebook groups, how to access exclusive offers for GR members, how to create your business plan with GR and much more.

We hope our members support page will help you succeed in your business by connecting with other professionals, expanding your network and giving you access to the latest information and opportunities in your field.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our GR International community and helping you achieve your professional goals. If you have any questions or comments about our members support page, please feel free to contact us.
Dannny Couturier, ​Partner & Vice-President GR international ©

​​​​​​ Visibility + Credibility + Relationships = OPPORTUNITIES


 Complete your profile 

See how to complete your profile on the GR International website. 

Please note that it is important to complete your profile within 14 days.

  VIDEO                      "PDF" PAGE

▶ Exclusive Seat

Explanation of the exclusive seat.       VIDEO  

▶ GR Logos

English: G = Great R = Results.      → PAGE
Use our logos for visibility on LinkedIn, Facebook and other media.     

▶ Join GR Facebook

Maximize your referencing, as well as your notoriety by joining our page and groups.      → PAGE


▶ Your GR Offers

Upload your offers and promotions online. They will be accessible to members and Internet.

▶ Your Business plan with GR

The tool is intended to be used when planning your year of business networking with GR International. 

▶ Networking TIPS 

Become the ultimate professional networker. Become a first class networker.

▶ Your minute

The important information you need to have in mind in order to prepare your speech


 References (REF),CompletedTransactions (TC)

What is a referral (REF) , a completed transaction (TC)  and Business generated (BG). Updated 04-2023.                                                                            4 minutes → Video

 How to find, GR Site

Find members, locate groups and confirm your presence. See upcoming events and presentations. Updated 01-2023.

▶ Referrals 

Establish a bond of trust and a basic principle for referring and being referred.

▶ GR Credits 

Refer future members to us and receive $25 in GR Advantage Credits for each new membership. Updated 01-2023



ideas and to evolve


 creativity, self-confidence and notoriety


your knowledge and connections


to be noticed, supported and to surpass yourself 




Offer your customers a wider range of services, commitment, expertise and benefit in return from a better loyalty of  your clients.