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  • Ensure that guests are well taken care of as soon as they arrive in the room.
  • Supervise and animate with energy all meetings.
  • Transmit to the district manager or GR international documents, changes or pertinent information concerning his group. Board Section
  • Set an example for your group, be the best recruiter, the most energetic, show your leadership skills.
  • Actively recruit new members for the vacant business sectors in his group, depending on availability.
  • If the President cannot attend a meeting, he must be replaced by the Vice-President and promptly notify of his absence.
  • Propose and approve a candidate for the vice-presidency in order to maintain good collusion for the management of the group. 


Imagine yourself on a business trip to a country you are visiting for the first time. You have decided to rent a car and you are preparing to explore this new market. What do you need to prepare well to ensure your arrival at point B?

You certainly know what a GPS is. Today we have this technology everywhere, cars, boats, planes and our cellphones. GPS is such a precise instrument that it can locate you within 10 meters, anywhere on earth. It will allow you to have an efficient route from point A or point B.

We can therefore compare the GPS to the conduct of meeting. Without a sequence, the meeting may not get you where you want it to be. In addition, its absence increases improvisation which may damage your credibility. Using the conduct of meeting allows you to follow the right direction and ensures a compliant and proven meeting structure.

👉Access to the conduct of a meeting PDF

  • Replace the President in his functions if he is absent.
  • Assist the President during meetings.
  • Manage the time allotted to the different sections of the meeting (welcome, GR toolbox, news and minute of presentation).
  • Support the Board for the subscription of new membership and renewal of existing members. Board Section
  • Recruit and oversees the other Board members role.
  • Coordinate the active recruitment of new members for his group for vacant business activities, according to availabilities.
  • In case of absence, the Vice-president, must ensure his replacement and advise other board members of his absence. 
        • Enter the meeting information on the Formstack available in the member section.
        • Obtain complete visitor information to enter on the Formstack Board Section
        • Collect, if applicable, amounts related to participation fees in various activities, monitoring group budget and fundraising campaign.
        • Help guests who wish to become members, complete membership webform at the end of the meeting.
        • Plan and register on GR website, ideally 4 meetings in advance, topics of the 20-minute presentations for the GR toolbox.
        • Register events for the group in GR Connect.
        • Actively recruit new members for his group for vacant business activities, according to availabilities.
        • In case of absence, the Secretary-treasurer, must ensure his replacement and advise other board members of his absence.
        • It is important to submit the form within a 1 hour delay following a meeting.


        Good communication between members, the district manager and GR International will give your group the support it needs for your success. This communication allows us to understand the actual situation in the group.

        what signals are being send by the group?

        - Presence and absence

        - Visitors who attended

        -The references

        - The toolbox

        How do we send this information to us?

        The MEETING REPORTS is a clear and concise document, which allows us to properly measure and assess the group's situation. Having this complete information allows GR international to help you. Also, it allows us to make sure that the groups are growing and that they prosper.

        Please feel free to refer to the designated section to access the MEETING REPORTS.

      SELF-PROMOTION ​(the GR tools box)

      Self-Promotion allows you to emphasis on your group, your members and GR International. More specifically, you need to understand that “The GR Tools box”; allows a group to learn more about its members.

      For a member, this part of the meeting allows

      - Get to know your job better, in order to refer it

      - Get to know your products better, in order to understand what it offers and to offer it to potential customers.

      - Learn more about its services. In order to be able to create additional opportunities.

      - To learn new things that could help me in my own business.

      - To increase my creativity

      The "DISPLAYED"  GR Tools box is mostly A "living" showcase that shows members and visitors the liveliness of a group. Which gives a clear signal that the group is DYNAMIC and that the people on site; refer, learn and create opportunities. Simply because the GR Tools box is in place.

      In order to be well prepared and to attract visitors, we recommend that the themes of the GR Tools box be planned 4 weeks in advance. You can refer to our rules and procedures for different examples on what to do during the GR tools box section.

  • Coordinate guests for their visit and prepare the group to receive them well.
  • Send a welcoming word to guests as soon as it is confirmed. Use GR international communication models. Board Section.
  • Be present 15 minutes before the start of each meeting.
  • For face-to-face meetings: Ask for 2 business cards from each guest and before the start of the meeting, give 1 card to the President to help greet guests and 1 to the Secretary-treasurer.
  • Virtual meeting: Information is requested by the Secretary-treasurer 
  • A non-member cannot visit more than once in our network.
  • Ensure the application of GR policies concerning representation by field of activity if applicable (respect for the seat exclusivity)
  • Actively recruit new members for his group for vacant business activities, according to availabilities.
  • In case of absence, the Greeter, must ensure his replacement and advise other board members of his absence.
  • Ensure that member’ profiles are completed within 2 weeks of joining the group. Member's corner
  • Ensure that the welcome letter is received for new members. Welcome
  • Ensure the information on the group page is valid and updated.
  • Refer members to the correct section of the website as needed and requested.
  • Actively recruit new members for his group for vacant business activities, according to availabilities.
  • In case of absence, the Member rep, must ensure his replacement and advise other board members of his absence.
    • Promote the mission, vision and values of GR International
    • Be engaged during meetings
    • Help board members in their roles
    • Promote team spirit in the group and within groups
    • Promote opportunities for referrals
    • Visit other districts during special events
    • Sell memberships
    • Other related activities
    • The district manager has a key role within GR International. This person is like an orchestra conductor and must understand the makings of the teams in place and the business inter-connectivity between them. He reinforces the sense of belonging to the groups and assures sustainability.  Ensures that members understand clearly GR international plateform with collaborative approach and to ensure the business success.  As well, he or she must instill a participative culture centered on collaboration with the business network in link with our business mission.  This person is centered in the galaxy and understand the ecosystem that gravitates around him. The district manager is directly linked with the members of the Board for each group.  Ensures to communicate identified priorities, anticipate necessary resources for the realization of objectives, accompanies the Board and guarantees quality of service form GR international.  The goal is to have “Win Win situation” during meetings and to help people attain beneficial mutual goals.

    The success of each GR international groups depends on the leadership shown by the board. Their influence and good management in various fields ensure the continuity of the activities and maintain the attraction for members and guests.

    Board members should meet monthly to discuss issues or to plan for their group. This can be done before or after a meeting (we suggest a short 15 minutes meeting). Following this meeting, share the information that you deem relevant via the Formstack so that GR international and/or the district manager can help and accompany you in your efforts.

    Members who obtain these positions, will be for 12-month mandates, will benefit from additional visibility within their group by sitting at the head table during meetings as well as from a strategic positioning at the top of the group page on our website.

    A board member can occupy up to 4 of the 5 positions but the President cannot occupy any other position than his own.

    Members who have served on a Board will be allocated a potential discount of 0% to 30% upon renewal with GR international for the position of President and 0% to 15% for other Board positions. 

    Please note that involvement, presence, recruitment and development for the group are all factors taken into consideration when granting the discount.  Discounts are allocated pro rata for the time in the position. (A Board member cannot receive more than one discount even if occupying more than one position)

    • Only members of GR international can be assigned to a position within the Board.
    • Board positions or interim positions can be attributed by a District manager or by Head Office.
    • The President or interim board can proceed to have an election for the Board positions and complete the webform following the elections to advise Head office of any changes.
    • Members can apply on all available positions.
    • A candidate is elected by acclamation if he or she is the only candidate for a given position.
    • A member leaving the Board may re-apply in order to continue his mandate.
    • In the event of 2 or more candidatures for a post, the other members vote for the candidate of their choice by a show of hands or by secret ballot.
    • In the event of a tie, a second round of voting by secret ballot is suggested.  The votes will then be collected and counted by the Secretary-treasurer.
    • In the event of a second tie, a draw will determine the successful candidate.
    • In order to resign from a position, the member must provide a letter of resignation to the Vice-president 4 weeks in advance. 
    • Election process held between January 15th and February 15 of each year (if the election is held less than 90 days after the creation of a Board, you can by unanimous vote renew the same Board for the current year). 

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