A mentor is a volunteer member who wants to help you achieve what you want to accomplish.  The mentor will follow your progress to see the desired results and developments.


Why becoming a mentor?


·  Your entrepreneurial experience is invaluable.

·  Play an important role in the survival of businesses.

·  To enrich your life and to ignite yourself from the passion of your mentees.

·  To be part of a network dedicated to innovation in development needs.


Do you wish to be part of GR international Academy©?

Do you want to help a fellow GR international member with the growth of their business?


Certain conditions apply.


Here are some good reasons to find yourself a mentor:

·  A mentor helps make good choices.

·  A mentor shares their expertise, errors and successes.

·  A mentor will listen to you in order to help you align and move forward in your thinking. It will even provide you with options that you hadn’t considered.

·  A mentor will help you attain your objectives, acquire new habilities, develop competencies as well as your self-confidence.

You need a mentor for your business?

You are facing a dead end and need some direction?

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