GR Leadership Program

Become a GR Leader

You are a winner on all levels.

GR Leadership Program helps you to better develop your business and open doors to new rewards. 

Join a large family of business people across the world.

Take advantage of benefits such as commisssions and bonuses.

The more you commit, the greater rewards you will deserve! 

We're here to give you the support you need.

Our level of commitment is present more than ever.

How it works?

The higher your level, the more rewards. Each level of the GR Leadership Program ™ opens the door to new possibilities. You are the master of your rewards: you choose the level you want to reach and you can reposition yourself on a quaterly basis.

Have an active membership in a GR international group

Join the GR Leadership Program (GR Rewards Program) 
$ 1000 / year

Access developmental training on networking and sales techniques

Receive commissions and bonuses, according to targeted objectives for each level of the Program

Depending on your level, you can receive up to 50% commissions, 
in addition to bonuses.

GR Leadership Program™ offers a promising 
future for you.

Are you ready to move to the next level?

You set your goals according to your schedule and determine your level of effort.

Become a GR Leader

Competitive compensation plan.

Our unique compensation model provides quarterly profit at each level.


Level 1 - 20%

Estimated average annual commissions:

$ 5000

Senior Ambassador
​Level 2 - 30%

Estimated average annual commissions:

$ 11 000

District Manager
​Level 3 - 40%

Estimated average annual commissions:

$ 35 000$

Senior District Manager
​Level 4 - 50%

Estimated average annual commissions:

$ 60 000