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Weekly news February 28, 2021 - English
GR Business networking news Feb 28, 2021 International Business Networking One world, one network, one family! Today we discuss the importance of publishing “your toolbox in your GR page” as well as Social Media and how to access “group schedules” in your area.
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Weekly news February 21, 2021 - English
GR Business networking news Today we discuss the LOCAL TIME in the group’s display and the updates in the "acceleration" of the board of director’s page. International Business Networking One world, one network, one family!
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Weekly news February 14, 2021 - English
Today we discuss GR Connect and the group launches for March. GR is still growing, and we are very active in the development of new regions. Indeed, if you are considering opening new territories in your personal business, GR may already be there.
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Weekly news February 8, 2021 - English
Eric Pichette special announcement. And our GR web site explained.
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Weekly news February 1, 2021 - English
This week ! -We are launching the new GR website -Election of the Board of Directors and where to find the information. -
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Weekly news January 25, 2021 - English
GR international news of the week of January 25, 2021. Modification and improvement of the BODs of the GR international groups. -Addition of a position -Annual election process.
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Weekly news January 18, 2021 - English
News of the week, January 18, 2021 Today we are discussing the latest changes to the meeting sequence as well as improvements to our international GR Facebook pages.
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Weekly news January 11, 2021 - English
GR international, RESET 2021, new logo
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GR international wishes you happy holidays
See our video and our bloopers.
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Weekly news December 14, 2020 - English
Complete your ; 2021 GR BUSINESS NETWORKING PLAN. Direct link;
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