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This service is for you to:

Increase your financial results based on your goals

Getting the most out of your GR membership

Have the support of a marketing expert

Have a structured and practical approach that has proven itself with entrepreneurs

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The consultation includes:

Analysis and personalized proposals,

you can benefit from individual and personalized support services, adapted to your needs.

Personalized marketing plan,

It consists in individualizing your actions and your offers in order to engage prospects/customers by offering them content and services adapted to their needs.

Establishment of an implementation schedule,

set realistic and reasonable implementation timelines at the marketing proposal stages.

Business networking explained,

in order to avoid the main mistakes but also to provide you with the best solution for even more effective networking.

Importance of referrals,

how to turn referrals into one of the best marketing keys to quickly grow your customer base.

Networking business meetings opportunities,

learn more about the networking business meetings process for your business development!

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Who is going to provide the consultation?


A graduate marketing expert, 20 years experience
Certified Expert in Marketing Communications
Certified Expert in Business Management
VP Marketing, GR International Business Networking
Entrepreneurs since 2006
Author and host of Live Streams "Fast solutions with Olena"
Brand strategy expert

Bachelor in Marketing Communications (UQàM)
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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